Aug 3, 2011


We received a loooooot of emails asking regarding the levi's. hehe. I already explained what happen with the levi's right,bought for myself,but too big for me. For those who ask, I have only one pair to letgo, so there's no more stock for that one. If you want the exactly the same design, yes we can order them for ya, but the price is not RM250 ;( how?

but we have good news here, Sara is coming back in about 2-3 more weeks for puasa&raya here in Malaysia. and we found a crazy sale plus size levi's in US, and we decided to share it here and yes, we're taking orders! as you know that there's no size for us in malaysia boutique. so here's the chance for us to grab a levi's that we can fit, ++ with super cheap price ;) place your order,make payment,n Sara will get whatyouwant from the store n bring them back to Malaysia soon! so ORDER NOW!